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At the end of the past century, Jorge Bignone, Victor Formica, Osvaldo Gutiérrez and Carlos Piatelli decided to make their dream come true. They combined a winemaking experience spanning four generations of traditional winegrowers in Mendoza, Argentina, with their passion and drive to write their own history –or rather, their own future.

Because of their special feel for wine, Adagio was conceived of as a piece of music: a score rich in nuances and subtleties in which every instrument contributes its best notes to the overall harmony of the wine, in which every movement is executed with precision and a profound respect for vineyard and cellar work.

This is why Adagio Wines are described as a symphony whose spirit is rooted in the soil: European in style but with the character of an Argentine wine, in which aging, inspiration, passion and labor create a unique coupage in very limited batches.


"Excelente actuacion de vinos argentinos en el exterior"

By : La Opinion de la gente

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