Adagio Malbec Estiba Reservada

Adagio Malbec Estiba Reservada

Two years of slow maturing in French oak Alliers or Troncais, and other twelve additional months of aging in still rammer, are the final key details of the sequence that grants the absolute maxim of the excellence to this Malbec Viñas del Adagio, a palate ultra premium indeed, in wines that there can provide an integral genuine agronomy of the vineyards and wining know how of the enologist.

The Malbec offered in this bottle of Adagio Estiba Reservada is, so, the most that this vines can give in a terroire of exception as Perdriel.

It accompanies very well the baked veal, the farinaceous (polenta, pasta) and in general dishes of simple but forceful seasoning.

Adagio Malbec Estiba Reservada


"Excelente actuacion de vinos argentinos en el exterior"

By : La Opinion de la gente

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