Annual activities:

Skilled workers work year-round, from pruning to harvest itself.

Production is defined during pruning as the number of bunches per vine is restricted to obtain the 6000 kg per hectare that will eventually be harvested. Vine pruning is done in winter, which in our region is characterized by low temperatures, followed by vine tying, irrigation and soil farming activities.

Well into the spring and in the summer, intensive vineyard work is critical in determining final quality. It is these practices that make it possible to have the right distribution of grape clusters on vines and adequate exposure to sunlight –favored by optimal foliage distribution that helps produce highly efficient sugars, color and aromas. All of this, in turn, ensures a healthy vineyard.

At this stage, careful irrigation management contributes to a balanced and controlled growth of vine shoots until grapes reach optimal ripeness. Moreover, between véraison and maturity, it enables grapes to develop complex colors, aromas and flavor.

As our vineyards sit at an altitude where the diurnal temperature range is about 15ºC and rainfall is low, there is a 60-day period between véraison and harvest during which aromas, anthocyanins and tannins build up resulting in better concentration.

At harvest, grape clusters are clipped off the vine with specially designed pruning shears to protect the grapes from the slightest lesion. At the winery, clusters are spread out on sorting tables for berry selection and are then dumped into stainless steel tanks, where they undergo the maceration required for every type of wine.


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